Same Day Services

Pre-procedure testing is scheduled through the Centralized Scheduling Department by either you or your physician.

If you are unable to keep your pre-procedure testing appointment, notify Centralized Scheduling to reschedule at
740/264-8378 or 800/500-TEST.

In order to assist us with completion of your testing in a timely manner, plan to arrive at the Same Day Services Department at the time your appointment is scheduled. Arriving early or late may prolong the length of time you will be at the hospital.

Plan to be at the hospital 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Pre-procedure testing includes:

  • Nursing assessment
  • Anesthesia interview (as applicable)
  • Any necessary lab work, EKG or x-rays

When you arrive for pre-procedure testing, use the patient entrance near the Emergency Department. Go directly to the Same Day Services Department. You do not have to stop in Admitting.

Bring the following with you to the hospital:

  • All prescription medication in their original containers
  • A list of allergies to any medication or food
  • A list of past surgeries and medical history (include dates)
  • Any orders or forms from your physician

If you have had any recent diagnostic work done in another facility, obtain copies of the reports and bring them to the hospital with you if possible:

  • Lab work within one month
  • X-rays or EKGs within six months

Note: You may be required to sign a consent in order to obtain these reports.

These reports need to be available at the time of your pre-procedure testing.

You may eat and drink before coming to the hospital unless instructed otherwise by your physician.

Instructions for the day of your procedure will be provided during your pre-procedure testing.

For more information call Trinity Medical Center West:

(740) 264-8040
(740) 264-8618 (fax)