Renal Dialysis

The Renal Unit, located at Trinity West, has been in operation since 1976 beginning as a six station room on the First Floor. In 1978 the unit was expanded to its present location on the Second Floor.

The Renal Unit provides hemodialysis treatments to both acute and chronic population of patients with kidney disease. This procedure oriented department is staff with registered nurses and technicians who complete training in providing hemodialysis treatments. The department works very closely with the Biomedical Department in providing a safe environment for the patients.

Presently there are seven full time Registered Nurses and six per diem RN's under the direction of a Clinical Manager. To complete the staffing, there are two full time secretary/technicians. Four present staff members were part of the original staffing when the department opened in 1976. Dr. Diosdado Garcia, a certified Nephrologist, has been Medical Director since 1977.

We are regulated by the Federal Government and are surveyed every three years by the Ohio Department of Health. The last survey in 2006, we were granted a three-year renewal of our Medicare Certification to provide hemodialysis treatments.