PICC Services

Trinity Health System offers Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters (PICC) through the Teramana Outpatient Center. The experienced team of Registered Nurses who have been extensively trained on the insertion of these catheters can provide the very best in central line placement with success rates consistent with national benchmarks.

Patient Care

Common considerations for PICC placement include osteomyelitis; delayed wound healing due to secondary infection; oncology diseases; pancreatitis; total parental nutrition; prolonged duration herapies; inadequate peripheral vasculature; skin integrity due to disease; infections or steroid use; drugs with extreme variations in osmolarity or pH; and obesity.

Trinity Health System uses Vaxel Pasv PICC lines which feature a one-way valve, eliminating the need for flushing with heparin. Both single and dual lumen PICC's are available. Midline catheters can be placed as well if the patient has a need for shorter term therapy. Additionally, PICCs at Trinity Health System are inserted with an ultrasound-guided technique, reducing the number of sticks a patient must endure and ensuring the most accurate placement each and every time.

Trinity's PICC Team

All PICC Registered Nurses are Trinity Health System employees and have worked in local patient care their entire careers. They have worked with most of the medical staff members and are committed to providing the best patient care to our local community. Trinity Health System's PICC Team insert and maintain the central line throughout a patient's inpatient stay and have trained staff members on the proper methods of care. They can also provide this training to staff members of other health care institutions.

Inservices on PICC line maintenance can be arranged at the convenience of the institution wishing to use this valuable service for their residents and patients.

Trinity Health System PICC Team stands ready for consultation. To contact a PICC Team member call (740)-264-8661.