Trinity Health System Becomes Regional Case Observation Site for General Surgery Robotic Cases

May 7, 2015 10:10 a.m.

Another Trinity First! Trinity Health System is now a Regional Case Observation Site for general surgery robotic cases.

Dr. Samuel Licata, M.D., FACS, was selected to head one of the few Regional Case Observation Sites available in western Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia and eastern Ohio.

This week, Licata, a general surgeon at Trinity Health System, is scheduled to perform two inguinal hernia repairs. Both surgeries will be observed as part of the case observation site at Trinity Health System.

A case observation site is open to all surgeons nationwide who are either not yet trained robotically or who are not doing this type of surgery. Surgeons who are interested in undergoing training to perform robotic surgeries or who want to expand their service offerings are invited to come and watch the cases being performed.

Currently, inguinal hernia repair is the fastest growing robotic procedure in the United States. Visiting surgeons will also be able to observe Licata performing robotic ventral hernias, single site cholecystectomies and colon resections.

Trinity Health System representatives said it’s an honor for one of their own surgeons to perform the surgeries this week. Licata was selected for case observation because of his high volume of robotic surgeries, skill and experience.

Congratulations to Trinity Health System, Licata and the robotics team for keeping Trinity as a leader in the region!