Trinity Recognizes Volunteers

June 30, 2015 10:29 a.m.

Trinity Health System recently held its Annual Volunteer Recognition Banquet at the Prime Time Center.  Volunteers contributed 16,893 hours to the Health System in 2014.
The program was organized by Jaye Hockenberry and Carol Bonar, the volunteer coordinators for Trinity East and West, respectively.  The invocation and benediction were shared by Sister Magdala Davlin, Trinity Pastoral Care.  The attendees were welcomed by Fred Brower, Trinity president and CEO.
Trinity Volunteers (left to right)
Shirley Stout, Marge DeMark, Betty Thompson, Virginia McMenimin Alice Casini, Mary Filler, Ned Filler, Julia Moutsatsos, Eleanor Weiss, Anthony Lucas.
(Centered in back)  Chuck Macpherson
Prime Time Volunteers (left to right front row)
Dwayne Myers, Rachel Bellville, Alice Casini, and Michael Bozzelli
(Left to right back row)  Linda Dye, Cindy Misogiane, Sharon Morris, Clara Morris, Leonard Morris, and Claire Marie Johnson