Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at Trinity Health System Donates Surgery

June 5, 2015 12:06 p.m.

Dr. Craig Oser and Kevin Kilkeary were acquaintances through work.  Dr. Oser is a surgeon at Trinity Health System, and Kevin Kilkeary sells medical equipment. Over the course of their working relationship, Dr. Oser was deeply moved when he learned more about the intricate details of the life of the Kilkeary family.

Julie Kilkeary and her husband, Kevin, always knew they wanted to have a large family.  What they did not anticipate were the obstacles they would have to overcome to be blessed with what they now have -- a healthy, happy family of five beautiful children.

Julie and Kevin’s first child, Faith (now 12),  was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which means the left side of her heart didn’t develop, and she needed to have open heart surgery just two days after birth.  She had a second open-heart surgery at four months old, and then needed to have a heart transplant. 

The emotional roller coaster continued when Julie gave birth to their second child, Olivia (10).  Olivia was born with a severe neurological impairment and requires a trache to help her breathe, a feeding tube, and needs 24/7 care.  Despite the potential loss of both children, a few years later, their son Kevin (7) was born -- completely healthy, with zero complications.

Still longing to have more children, knowing their risks with pregnancy, Kevin and Julie decided to adopt.  They adopted their son Jude (3) and then later their youngest daughter, Lucia (18 months). 

“I can’t imagine my life being any other way. Having these children in our lives has been such a rewarding experience,” said Julie.

Julie is a stay-at-home mom who has dedicated her life to her children and to giving them the best lives that she is able to.

Julie’s days are spent taking care of the five children, taking them to school, doing homework and piles of laundry, and most days it’s completely chaotic.  But every day is full of love and she admits, “My children bring me so much joy and I love who I’ve become because of them.”  

One day at work, Kevin approached Dr. Oser about an issue his wife was having.  Julie had a hernia that she had been struggling with for years, as well as separated muscles in her abdomen.  In addition, Kevin also knew that his wife was very uncomfortable with the condition of her stomach after three C-sections.   The pain and discomfort was now interfering with her normal everyday activities, including the lifting that is required to care for Olivia, and he knew the problem needed to be addressed.

 Kevin knew that Dr. Oser was board certificated in both general and plastic and reconstructive surgery, which made him the perfect doctor to perform her surgery.

After learning so much about the Kilkeary family and hearing about Julie’s problem, Dr. Oser saw the situation as an opportunity to give back to Julie.  As a gift to Julie, while he is repairing the abdominal hernia, he offered to do the additional corrective surgery to repair her stomach from the C-sections at no cost.  

“I am always looking for a ways to give back.  Julie is such a selfless woman.  She always puts her family’s needs before herself and this was a way that I could do something special for her that she would never have done for herself,” said Dr. Oser.

Julie’s surgery is scheduled to be performed on June 8, 2015 at Trinity Health System.

Dr. Oser is committed to helping those in need when he can.  From "mommy makeovers" and breast augmentations, he is known to donate his time and services.

Dr. Oser has been practicing in the Weirton/Steubenville area for 5 ½ years and is a new surgeon at Trinity Health System.  Trinity Health System recently implemented a new service line for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. 

“As part of Trinity’s commitment to great patient care, we strive to bring the best treatment options and expert care to the region.  Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery was missing and is a necessary service to providing comprehensive breast care within the health system.  Now, from detection to remission, there’s no need to go anywhere else but Trinity Health System for complete breast care” said Fred Brower, CEO of Trinity Health System.

Craig R. Oser D.O., FACOS, specializes in a wide variety of surgeries including breast reconstruction, skin grafting, face lifts, tummy tucks, liposuction, and hernia repairs, among many other procedures.

To learn more about Dr. Oser or Trinity Health system, visit or

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