Trinity Performs First CryoAblation in the Region

October 8, 2014 9:34 a.m.

Physicians at Trinity Health System are scheduled to perform the first CryoAblation procedure in the Steubenville/Wheeling region today, Oct. 8, 2014, in Trinity's Electrophysiology Lab. Drs. Bedi, Kolibash and Miske will perform this life-saving procedure on two patients.

CryoAblation is a minimally invasive procedure that can be used when medication fails to control the heart rhythm.
CryoAblation is a therapy that uses the removal of heat from tissue to treat cardiac arrhythmias. It restores normal electrical conduction by freezing the cardiac tissue or pathways that interfere with the normal distribution of the heart's electrical impulses.

During a cardiac ablation procedure, a pressurized refrigerant, liquid nitrous oxide (N2O), is delivered from a tank in the CryoConsole. The liquid refrigerant travels in an ultra-fine tube through the coaxial umbilical and the shaft of the Freezor.

The liquid refrigerant vaporizes as it is sprayed into the tip. As it vaporizes, it absorbs heat from the surrounding tissue, thereby cooling and freezing the target tissue. The warmed refrigerant is vacuumed back to the CryoConsole through a lumen within the shaft of the catheter and coaxial umbilical. The CryoConsole discharges the vapor into the hospital scavenging system.

Freezor can create temperatures at its tip as low as -75 C inside a beating heart. It offers a site-testing capability which involves a technique called cryomapping which may aid physicians to avoid unwanted electrophysiological effects on AV node conduction.

Many local residents will benefit from this procedure and lead happy, productive lives following the procedure.

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