Trinity Health System Announces its Launch of the Da Vinci Surgical System

New Surgical System!

Location: Trinity Health System

February 26, 2013 12:01 p.m.


Trinity Health System is excited to announce that they are now offering robotic-assisted surgery through the da Vinci Surgical System. 

The da Vinci Surgical System is a state-of-the-art robotic platform that enables surgeons to perform complex surgeries through a minimally invasive approach.  The robotic platform consists of a computerized screen that allows the surgeon to view the surgical site as a highly magnified 3-D image, and a control panel is used to operate miniature robotic “wrists” to perform surgery that would normally be beyond human capabilities alone.  Incisions with robotic-assisted surgery can be as small as the diameter of a quarter and are virtually scarless.

Trinity Health System is the first in the region to have the da Vinci Surgical System, offering its patients the conveniences of cutting-edge technology in their surgical procedures.  By designating an entire department to robotics, Trinity Health System maintains their commitment to providing quality patient care. The robotic department consists of a dedicated robotics coordinator and an entire team of highly trained individuals who will be supporting the surgeons.  “The selected staff members were chosen by the surgeons to be part of the team because of their enthusiasm, willingness to learn, and commitment to making this a great patient experience,” said Fred Brower, CEO.   Each of the surgeons on the robotics team is tenured, and every staff member not only will be training individually, but also with a surgeon and the da Vinci simulator which allows for additional training time. 

Trinity Health System’s surgeons are already trained, with the first surgery scheduled to take place on March 12, 2013. 

The surgeons who will be performing procedures with the da Vinci Surgical System not only go through a rigorous training process at Trinity Health System, but also will be performing the first number of surgeries with an experienced robotic surgeon in the room.  Trinity Health System has also obtained ongoing support from da Vinci to ensure that all staff members in the robotic department are able to provide patients with the best possible care.  “It is critical that every patient is comfortable and safe throughout every step of their care,” said JoAnne Mulrooney, Vice President Clinical Services.

Two surgeons in particular, Dr. Pat Macedonia, gynecologist and Dr. Sam Licata, general surgeon, were an integral part of initiating the health system’s investment in the da Vinci Surgical System.

Trinity Health System will be using the robot for gynecological and general surgeries to begin with, but having an entire team dedicated to robotic-assisted surgery, they plan to expand into colorectoral, thoracic, urological, and head and neck surgeries in the near future. 

Dr. Macedonia and Dr. Licata are thrilled to make the da Vinci System a pivotal method of care for patients and are eager to see the newfound results that each surgery will offer.  “The da Vinci System offers real-time, three-dimensional, high definition visualization, which allows for improved precision, dexterity, and control.  This allows surgical procedures to be even less invasive and more accurate than laparoscopic surgery, providing better quality of care for patients,” said Dr. Macedonia.

“Through this new system, we are able to offer our patients more precise and improved surgical procedures with a faster recovery time and a shorter length of stay at the hospital,” said Dr. Licata.  With the ability to perform complex surgeries through a single-site incision and offer improved dexterity through use of the da Vinci System’s surgical arms, virtually all confinement of regular and laparoscopic surgery is eliminated.   “Many patients are able to have surgery in the morning and be discharged from the hospital the same day with fewer complications, returning them to their normal lifestyle almost immediately,” said Dr. Licata. 

Trinity Health System is now offering robotic-assisted surgery to its patients as a continuance of its commitment to providing quality patient care and services.  

To coordinate an interview or gain more information on the da Vinci Surgical System, please contact Keith Murdock at or 740-283-7296.


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