Pillows for Pediatrics

"Pillows for Pediatrics" presented pillows to the Pediatric Unit.

Location: Trinity Health System

February 18, 2013 1:50 p.m.

Members of Trinity Health System School of Nursing Class of 2013 presented handmade pillows to the Health System’s Pediatric Unit.  This community project, “Pillows for Pediatrics”, was conceived by students as a result of their clinical experiences with hospitalized children.  By accepting generous donations of new material, the nursing students designed and created truck as well as flower-shaped pillows for distribution.  The ultimate goal of this project is to provide comfort, but more importantly to bring a smile to the faces of these children.


Photo L to R - Students

  • Janice Clark
  • Hope Nicholson
  • Nicoyia Grimm
  • Justy Newton
  • (Pediatric Patient)
  • Shana Leonovich
  • Sunnie Beckett