Trinity Finds Unique Education Process For Physicians

October 11, 2010 2:09 p.m.

Physician In-Service on the Run, A Training forum for the busy practitioner is a unique way to communicate with physicians while they are in the hospital making rounds with their patients. Members of the Trinity staff produced a movable display and circulate it throughout the nursing units. According to Cindy Fairclough, Director of Clinical Documentation Improvement and Case Management, “Trinity Health System takes every opportunity to stay up to date with relevant information in order to provide education opportunities to our physicians. A successful method to fit education into the physicians’ busy schedules is In-Service on the Run. In-Service on the Run is an open house format presented in various clinical locations throughout the organization.” To date, 108 physicians/physician practitioners have participated with In-Service on the Run.

Sessions over the past few months have included Medical Necessity and Core Measures. This training technique has been warmly accepted by the Trinity Medical Staff.

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