Trinity Announces Advanced Technology

October 8, 2010 2:47 p.m.

Trinity Health System has recently added one of the most advanced diagnostic imaging tools for helping physicians reach confident diagnoses and provide the best patient care. The recent Signa HDxt upgrade to the existing 1.5 T magnet delivers highly detailed images of the human body with faster imaging times, better image quality, and several new “cutting edge” applications.

Standard MR imaging consists of multiple separate images obtained using different body planes as well as different settings to show body structures and disease processes. The new upgrade allows some of these sequences to be combined reducing the time necessary for the patient to be in the magnet, while still providing quality images (without compromising the thoroughness of the examination). In addition, one of the new applications almost completely eliminates the severe image artifacts created by metallic surgical material and implants that are present in many patients, and greatly improves the imaging of the spine and joints in patients who have indwelling metallic surgical material or metallic prosthesis.

These new advances to Trinity’s MRI system benefit every patient undergoing an MRI examination. In addition, the new capability of state-of-the-art MRI breast imaging will soon be made available to our patients. The “VIBRANT XV” allows bilateral breast imaging in two planes as quickly and clearly as a single breast can be studied.

As with other imaging exams done at Trinity Health System, the images of the study are available in the health information system upon exam completion and are readily accessible for review by the patient’s Trinity Health System physicians.

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