Area Couple Supports Tony Teramana Cancer Center

July 30, 2010 9 a.m.

When Mandy Merico and Joel Banks,Jr. were planning their wedding, they came upon a unique idea for their Bridal Dance. "We weren't even going to have a Bridal Dance, but we decided to do so and donate the money to Trinity's Tony Teramana Cancer Center," Mandy stated. "My father, Michael Ray Merico, passed away last November from renal carcinoma, so we thought we would memorialize his life through this donation," Mandy added. The couple decided to support the Cancer Center's TEARS Fund, which assists local residents being treated for cancer which necessary emergency items like gas cards for travel to treatment, home hospital equipment and personal care items. "After everything we witnessed at the Cancer Center during my father's treatment, we felt as though this money could best be used helping others in the way we were helped. If just one person can benefit from this donation, we will be happy," the couple added.

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