About the Foundation

The Trinity Health System Foundation supports the entire Trinity Health System by raising funds for its services, facilities and equipment from Board Members, Administrators, Staff, Physicians, Volunteers, Grateful Patients, Families, Local Community Members, and Local, Regional, & National Foundations.

When you contribute to Trinity Health System Foundation you become a partner in caring As a valued partner, you have a choice in which direction your donation will go.  There are several areas of caring from which to choose.  Listed below are some of the options available for consideration.

  • General Donations:

    Donations will go directly to the Foundation for purposes that are deemed appropriate and worthy. These contributions are distributed at the discretion of the Foundation Board.

  • Memorial Donations:

    Donations are in memory of a loved one or someone of whom you had great respect and wish to have their memory acknowledged.

  • Honorary Donations:

    Donations are for individuals or organizations that you would like to honor because of the respect and admiration you have for them and would like to acknowledge them as such.

  • Educational Donations:

    These donations may be restricted for educational purposes, whether for in-hospital or community-at-large educational needs. These donations can also be used for educational scholarships, our Trinity School of Nursing is an excellent example of where your educational dollars might be channeled.

  • Restricted Donations:

    These donations give you total control of the direction of your donation. You may direct specifically where you would like your contribution to be used.